Lisa Gordon
Courage & Renewal
Deep Adaptation

Based in Victoria, BC, Canada, I am an accredited Courage & Renewal facilitator offering personal coaching and group facilitation. I offer proven ways to renew love, courage and integrity while adapting to this moment on Earth.

I studied political and earth sciences and the theory and practice of advocacy at the University of Toronto and York University, culminating in a Masters in Environmental Studies. Since 1981, I’ve served not-for-profit and government agencies with conservation mandates in ON and BC, including over a decade with the Islands Trust, a government agency with a conservation mandate in the Salish Sea.

Throughout those years of professional advocacy I relied on the teachings of Joanna Macy, Pema Chodron, Eckhart Tolle and other teachers of “presence” to get through each new day of anxiety, dread and loss.

In 2014, a coach introduced me to Parker Palmer’s writings as a way to understand my pattern of burn-out and hopelessness. The wisdom I found there led me to seek training with the organization Parker co-founded: the Center for Courage & Renewal. My heartfelt question entering the training was how to transform my political outrage into something less stressful and more constructive. Since then, I’ve been exploring a less anxious and less adversarial story about how inner and outer change happens. I am part of a growing movement that explores these insights with others.